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Why Dasco?

Most companies realize that courier is an integral part of their product and service mix. Choosing the right courier is vital to ensure that you are providing the best possible service to your customers. Dasco Emergency Couriers has developed its compliment of services with this in mind. Consistency, reliability and accountability are ideals that we strive to achieve for our customers

Dasco Emergency Couriers offers a wide range of services to satisfy your transportation needs. Our state of the art systems and commitment to fast deliveries at a reasonable rate are reasons why our customers are so happy.

Our focus is in the rush/direct segment and our product offering is geared to those customers who require it. Our customer service group has a wealth of experience and is available 24/7. We have state of the art transportation technology at our disposal that we use to deliver extra value to our customers. Our goal is to deliver on-time, every time.